The Grants Resource Center

As a member of the Grants Resource Center (GRC), MSU can utilize the tools and services available on the GRC website. You will need MSU's login information to access. Some of the resources available on the GRC site are:

GrantSearch is the GRC’s funding search database. This database includes information on federal as well as foundation funding and can be searched by academic categories, academic subjects, activities, funding sponsors, or text.

Funded Proposals
The GRC has a library of funded proposals available to its members. Abstracts can be viewed through the GRC website, and full copy of the proposal can be requested from the GRC by contacting MSU OSP Interim director, Tina Hood.

Agency Fact Sheets
One-page fact sheets are available for many of the federal sponsors. These fact sheets include information about the agency, such as: agency programs, budget information, funding opportunities by unit, and helpful hints for researchers when applying for funding with the agency.

Faculty Alerts
Registered users can designate areas of interest and receive monthly customized reports on funding opportunities.