Sponsors & Collaborators

Among the nation’s leading major research universities, Mississippi State has been designated by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching as “a very high research activity university,” which represents the highest level of research activity for doctorate-granting universities in the U.S. Mississippi State is the only school in the state with the distinction, and one of only 108 nationwide. As such, MSU is accustomed to many different types of contractual agreements and is committed to high quality administration of those agreements.

  • Quick Facts / F&A Rate Agreement
    We developed our Quick Facts document to provide a quick method of finding commonly requested data for proposals and sponsored agreements. Also, our federally negotiated Facilities and Administrative Rate agreement can be found here.
  • Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP)
    As a member of the FDP, Mississippi State University is committed to streamlining internal processes and maintaining effective stewardship of federal support. We have both faculty and administrative representation at FDP meetings, serving on working groups and subcommittees that are focused on reducing administrative burdens and implementing best-practices in research administration.
  • University-Industry Demonstration Partnership (UIDP)
    The UIDP is a partnership of industry and academia formed with the common goal of strengthening the relationship between these groups. MSU participates in UIDP meetings regularly and serves on many of the UIDP working groups aimed at helping both universities and companies understand each other’s position on common contractual issues.
  • Cayuse 424 / Subawards.com
    MSU utilizes Cayuse 424 for federal proposal submissions, allowing ease to collaborations during the proposal submission process. We encourage potential subawardees to send us their Cayuse 424 proposal file for uploading into our Cayuse 424 submission. Likewise, if we are participating as a subawardee to another Cayuse 424 institution, we can send our proposal file to be imported into that institution’s proposal. For subawardees who do not have Cayuse 424, ask us about using the Subawards.com tool to export your proposal file into our Cayuse 424 submission.

We are excited that you are considering sponsoring research at Mississippi State University or collaborating with us to perform research. We look forward to working with you in what we trust will be a fruitful relationship.