Post-Award FAQs


Do I need approval from the sponsor to rebudget funds for specific items or services?

You should review your award terms and conditions to determine the appropriate process for requesting changes to your award budget. If required, submit your rebudget request to OSP with a justification of the proposed changes. If the sponsor requires prior approval of changes to the budget, OSP will transmit approved budget revisions to Sponsored Projects Accounting to update the account in the university's Banner system. You should always plan to spend according to budget unless you are certain variations are allowed.

Does OSP need a copy of my technical reports required under the award?

While OSP does not require a copy of the technical report, it is good business practice for the PI’s department to either keep a copy of the report or documentation showing the report submission to the sponsor.

I will be leaving MSU. Can I transfer my award?

If you know you are leaving MSU, it is important that you consider how each award on which you are either a PI or co-PI will be impacted. In some cases, a new MSU PI/Co-PI will need to be named, and in other cases, the award may be transferred with you to your new institution. You should discuss these options with OSP, your department head, and any other PIs/Co-PIs involved to determine the best approach for ensuring the success of the project outcomes. If moving the project to another PI at MSU, please complete the Internal Change of PI Request form . If moving the project to another institution, please complete the Request for Award Transfer (External) form. Note that a transfer to another institution is a lengthy process, as it requires closeout of the award at MSU and then establishment of a new award at your new institution. You can minimize the timeline of this process by finalizing the MSU portion of your expenditures as quickly as possible. Also, if you anticipate transferring equipment or data to another institution, please let OSP know the details. You must let Property Control know if you are transferring equipment so that inventory can be updated.

Both the Internal Change of PI Request form and the Request for Award Transfer (External) form can be found on the FORMS page.

How do I transfer a grant to Mississippi State University from another institution?

Review the agency guidelines governing the grant and notify OSP of your desire to transfer your grant. Your former institution will need to prepare a relinquishing statement (required for federal projects) to send to the sponsoring agency. Obtain a copy of the relinquishing statement for your records and for Mississippi State University. Route the transfer as if it was a Mississippi State University proposal using the Internal Approval Sheet (IAS) with the attached revised budget and completed forms required by the agency. If the project involves issues of compliance, you will need to secure approval from the appropriate MSU official (human subjects, animal use, recombinant DNA).

How do I transfer a grant from Mississippi State University to another institution?

Complete the Request for Award Transfer (External) form (available on the FORMS page) and route it for approval signatures. Once the transfer has been approved, send the form to your designated Office of Sponsored Projects Grants & Contracts Administrator. Your OSP Administrator will confirm with the sponsor that the transfer is allowable and assist you with any additional details that may be necessary.

Can sponsored equipment be transferred from Mississippi State University to another institution?

Faculty moving to another university who want to transfer their research equipment with them must have prior approval from the department head, dean, and sponsor if equipment was purchased with sponsored funds.

My award is going to end, but I'm not finished with the work. What can I do?

If it appears you will not be able to complete the work by the end date of the project, please contact your OSP administrator to see what options may be available to you. It is possible the sponsor may allow a no-cost extension (NCE) on the project, extending the end date by a certain period of time. In order to request the NCE, you will need to provide your OSP administrator with a justification of why the extension is necessary. Please note that requesting an extension only to spend the remaining funds is not a valid reason to extend the project. Some sponsors do require additional budgetary information, and your OSP administrator can advise you of additional information that may be needed before making the request to the sponsor. OSP will be the one to actually submit the formal request to the sponsor and will update the end date of the project if the extension is approved. If the NCE is not approved, communication with your program manager is essential to making sure both MSU and the sponsor are satisfied with the work that will actually be completed by the end date.

What is a No-Cost Extension (NCE)?

  • A No-Cost Extension is an extended performance period with no additional funding committed to the project. Sponsors expect the sponsored project to be completed within the specified deadline, however, the sponsor may agree to an extended performance period, but commit no additional funding.
  • A No-Cost Extension should NOT be requested because of unspent funds.

When should I request a No-Cost Extension (NCE)?

Deadlines for requesting the NCE vary by sponsor, so you should check your award terms and conditions. Generally, requests are due to the sponsor thirty (30) days prior to the current end date of the project. Additional requests are often due to the sponsor sixty (60) days prior to the extended end date of the project. Please allow time for OSP to review and process your request.

How long of an No-Cost Extension (NCE) can I request?

Federal sponsors typically allow a request of a full twelve months, although this time period can vary in certain circumstances. For those in question, as well as all other sponsors, please consult your OSP Administrator.

What are valid reasons for requesting a No-Cost Extension (NCE)?

Examples of reasons a sponsor may accept:

  • Additional time is needed to assure completions of the original approved project scope and objectives.
  • To repeat tests to obtain results lost due to _______.
  • Lack of success in locating a graduate student with suitable capabilities.
  • Extensive delay in production or shipment of key equipment or supplies.
  • Transfer of a key project participant, or time lost due to illness/injury of a key project participant.

Under what conditions are sponsors likely to deny a request for a No-Cost Extension (NCE)?

  • The request was received after the original end date or after the deadline for requesting the NCE.
  • The terms and conditions of the award prohibit the extension.
  • Justification provided by the PI is insufficient to warrant an extension.

What must the request for a No-Cost Extension contain?

  • Revised expiration date.
  • Justification for the request.
  • Project information – Title; sponsor award number; PI information.
  • Other information may be required by the sponsor.

Can I submit a No-Cost Extension (NCE) request directly to the sponsor?

Consult your OSP Grants & Contracts Administrator for guidance.

Following the approval of my request for a No-Cost Extension (NCE), may I spend funds remaining in my account?

Remaining funds may be used for project purposes provided expenses are incurred before the extended (new) end date.

May I request additional funds in my No-Cost Extension (NCE) request?

  • A No-Cost Extension is one in which no additional funds will be borne by the sponsor.
  • A request for additional funding would require a separate process. Typically, additional funds would only be allowed in the case where a new scope of work has been added to the project or the current scope of work has been edited.

Can I submit a request for a second No-Cost Extension (NCE)?

Yes, in some cases you may request an additional NCE. However, the process varies based on the sponsor. Consult your OSP Grants & Contracts Administrator for guidance.