Award Modification

Budget Revisions

  • Some budget revisions may need sponsor approval while some may be handled internally. The award terms and conditions will specify what type of approval or notification is needed in the case of a budget revision.

Prior Approval Matrix

  • In the case where the budget revision can be handled internally

Restricted Fund Budget Revision Form

Sponsored Programs Accounting

  • If sponsor approval is required for a budget revision, OSP will make the request to the sponsor. You will need to provide a justification for the revision as well as a revised budget.

Extension of Time

  • If you cannot complete the work by the end date of the project, please contact OSP as soon as possible.
  • In order to request a No Cost Extension, you will need to provide a justification. Note that spending out the account is not a valid reason to extend a project.
  • OSP will submit the formal request to the sponsor and will update the end date if the extension is approved.

Change of PI (Internal Transfer)

  • A change in PI requires permission from the sponsor.
  • Complete the Change of PI Request Form¬† (Internal) available on the FORMS page.
  • Provide OSP a justification fro the change and a revised budget if the new PI's salary is different.
  • OSP will send the request to the sponsor for approval.
  • Once approved, a modification will be completed and the new PI as well as the departmental contact will receive a copy of the Banner modification.