Time Line for Proposal Submissions

Once you determine a potential sponsor for your project, you’ll want to develop a plan to be sure you are on track for proposal submission by the sponsor’s deadline. Even if you are not entirely certain you wish to submit the proposal, please notify your Office of Sponsored Projects Administrator and your departmental budget manager so each can make plans to assist you along the way.

In order to ensure a thorough timely review by OSP and proposal submission we recommend the following protocol:

  • Once pursuing the proposal is likely:
    • Start request ticket in OSP Portal
    • Send RFP or funding announcement to OSP for review
  • Once the proposal components are created:
  • 3 Business Days Prior to Submission Deadline:
    • Submit final proposal in portal ticket for review and submission per OP 70.01. Three days will allow any time to identify, and make, any necessary changes.

Note: The final proposal consists of a signed Internal Approval Sheet and all components of the proposal in the final format that will be submitted to the sponsor.


To request an exception to the OP 70.01 (3-day rule), the ADR or Center Director representing the PI should email a request to "VPORED@msstate.edu" as soon as it is apparent the 3-day mark will be missed. In the email, identify the PI, sponsor, portal ticket #, and brief explanation of circumstances that have caused or will create the need for a late submission. You will receive an email response.


Time Line for Proposal Submissions Forms

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