Subaward FAQs


How do I handle having subcontracts in my proposal?

Each subcontract should be properly identified in your prime budget (usually under the contractual line). In addition, you should have a separate institutional approved itemized budget and scope of work for each subcontract reflecting their approved overhead. MSU will also need a Subrecipient Commitment Form (SAF-03) that has been signed by the subawardee’s authorized official. You should be aware that the federal agencies will require the same information of the subcontract's Principal Investigator as is required of MSU PIs. Please note that MSU will access overhead on the first $25,000 of each subcontract. It is important when involving subcontracts in your budgets that you allow additional time for the paperwork to be processed at the subrecipient's home institution.

How do I get the subaward(s) issued that are listed in my sponsored project budget?

Your sponsored project includes a subaward in the budget. If you did not submit a completed Subrecipient Commitment Form to your OSP administrator at the time of proposal submission, then you will need to send the form to your subaward for completion and signature by their authorized signatory. Once this form is completed, submit it along with a copy of the scope of work, budget, and your completed Request for New Subaward. These completed forms should be sent to Office of Sponsored Projects via email to: Any questions regarding the process for subawards should be directed to Office of Sponsored Projects at 662-325-7404 or via email at

I am working with a subaward on my project. What are my responsibilities?

The Principal Investigator is responsible for monitoring subawardees' progress toward completion of the work they agreed to perform. In addition, the Principal Investigator should review all subawardee invoices for correct billing, including any required cost-sharing. The PI is also responsible for insuring the subawardee submits all deliverables and technical reports as required under the subaward agreement.

I am having trouble getting a subawardee to provide reports/deliverables. Can anyone help me?

If your subawardee is not performing adequately, contact the Subcontracting Unit at OSP ( or 662-325-7404) and provide us with the details. We will work with you to determine the most appropriate course of action.

What is the difference between a vendor and a subaward agreement?

A vendor provides a commercial item like paper, or a service, such as maintenance services for copiers. A subawardee on the other hand, participates in the research by contributing to the development of the research and has an impact on the direction of the research as a participant and collaborator in the project.